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Harry Groome

“Harry Groome does for business what John Grisham does for the law.”
—North Country Public Radio

“…this is the stuff of Shakespearean drama, and I must admit I haven’t cared this much about the comings and goings of the obscenely rich since Tom Wolfe’s A Man in Full…a quick and engaging read.”
—Small Press Reviews

“Frightening for its vivid, menacing portrayal of life among corporate executives in and out of their boardrooms, Wing Walking should be required reading in business schools!”
—Tom Absher, author of The Paper Rose

Amazon five star reviews:

“All you have to lose is a good night’s sleep. I couldn’t put it down.”

“Until the last chapter you do not know how either the business battle or the love interest will resolve making this a book you simply can not put down. This is fabulous real-life stuff.”

“Be ready to lose a night’s sleep with this compelling page-turner! A great read.”

“…a very sophisticated ‘whodunit’…a dose of corporate intrigue in a well-woven, page-turner of a tale…”

"Sensitive, sexy, satisfying."

"Wing Walking is wonderful! I finished it weeks ago and am still thinking about it."

"Waiting for the movie..."

Harry's Books

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Wing Walking
fiction — Mystery/Thriller
ISBN: 978-0979741500

Egos and ambition, power and betrayal, love and longing... Wing Walking weaves together an engaging cast of characters in a tale that starts with the FDA recalling a blockbuster drug. With billions of dollars and several careers at stake, what follow …  MORE »

IndieReader Selects™ Review

Wing Walking focuses on the realignment of the power structure of a successful family-run pharmaceutical company-and the ruthlessness of the deals and double-crosses that go with the terrain. In the spirit of Gordon Gekko and the big dogs of Michael Lewis's Liar's Poker, the chief characters here are egomaniacal, but they have significant depth to them as well. Groome clearly knows his way around the business world, is familiar with the corporate lingo, and yet still has a deft emotional touch-his characters are eminently human and never feel forced. A love angle permeates the whole story, serving as a backdrop to the main plot, but the thrust of Wing Walking is an insider's view of the shadiness of corporate America. Wing Walking succeeds because it grabs the reader at every page and sets the stakes so high, so early on, that unearthing the conclusion becomes a must.