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IndieReader Selects is the only distribution program specifically created to put indie books directly into the hands of consumers via indie bookstores.



How To Find
IR Selections

Look for the 'An IndieReader Selection' sticker when shopping for the best indie books.

Sundance® = Great Indie Movies
SXSW® = Great Indie Music
An IndieReader Selection = Great Indie Books

It's as simple as that.

IR Selects Badge/Sticker


IndieReader Selects™ for Authors

What it is

IndieReader Selects™ (www.irselects.com) is IndieReader's new review service and distribution program, combining the selling power of the independent bookstore with the vast community of self-published authors. This new program will provide an easy, cost-effective and efficient way for booksellers to stock and sell branded, self-published books and for indie authors to get onto the shelves of indie bookstores.

How it Works

IndieReader Selects will review submitted indie books (with same requirements as IR: book must be bound and have a valid ISBN). Following review, books will be posted in a database (searchable by zip, author name and book category) for subsequent placement in independent bookstores. These reviews will be made available to booksellers, looking to provide their customers with unique titles, to support indie authors and to differentiate themselves from the big box stores. Additionally, booksellers who decide to stock indie books will be able to work out a customized merchandising program with IndieReader Selects to optimize sales. They will also get a page on the IndieReader.com website and all book sales through their page will be credited back to their stores.

Author Fees

  • $499 Per Title for the book's review and inclusion in IR Selects' searchable database

Or for further information contact Amy at amy@indiereader.com