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Any book sold in your shop through IndieReader Selects™ is on consignment and can be returned to IndieReader -- at our expense -- after 90 days



How To Find
IR Selections

Look for the 'An IndieReader Selection' sticker when shopping for the best indie books.

Sundance® = Great Indie Movies
SXSW® = Great Indie Music
An IndieReader Selection = Great Indie Books

It's as simple as that.

IR Selects Badge/Sticker


IndieReader Selects™ for Booksellers

What it is

IndieReader Selects™ (www.irselects.com) is IndieReader's new review service and distribution program, combining the selling power of the independent bookstore with the vast community of self-published authors. This new program offers two easy, cost-effective and efficient ways for booksellers to stock and sell branded, self-published books and for indie authors to get onto the shelves of indie bookstores.

1) Consignment Program

The IRS consignment agreement is basically the same as that between bookstores and traditional publishers.

  • The standard discount is 40% off the cover price
  • Books are on consignment and can be returned after 90 days for credit
  • IRS pays shipping costs both ways

2) Co-op Program

Some stores (most notably Boulder Bookstore) have already implemented a co-op program for indie authors. IRS helps maximize the quality—and potential sales—of the books taking up precious shelf-space in your store.

  • IndieReader Selects pays you a $25 fee, per title, to stock any of our reviewed selection of books, much like a traditional publisher would
  • Unlike with traditional publishers, there are no display or quantity requirements
  • The split on sold co-op books is 25% bookstores, 75% author
  • The Co-op Program provides revenue to your bookstore whether or not the books sell
  • The IRS site will link to your store’s website
  • Differentiates you from the big box stores which don't (yet) carry indie titles
  • You only have to deal with one entity, versus individual authors who will want to negotiate on a case by case basis with the store

3) Review Service

  • Indie authors bring books to your store or contact you via email
  • You refer authors -- via a pre-printed bookmark or by forwarding email -- to IRS
  • Saves you the time it would take to vet the books yourself
  • You can find local, talented new authors with the potential to bring in new customers

Or for further information contact Amy at amy@indiereader.com or Claire at claire@indiereader.com