IndieReader and IndieReader Selects FAQ

IndieReader Selects FAQ

What is IndieReader Selects?
IndieReader Selects™ (IRS) is the first-ever professional review and distribution program, created to get indie books into indie bookstores nationwide. Books are posted with their reviews — along with the book's genre and author's proximity to their stores — via which bookstores decide which books they want to stock.

How much does it cost to get my book onto the IRS site?
IndieReader Selects charges $499 per title which includes a professional review and placement in the IRS database.

Who are the people doing the reviewing and what are their credentials?
Our reviewers include writers and editors.

Are all the books on IRS reviewed?
Every IRS book is reviewed. Reviews are posted on the IRS site along with your book.

Am I guaranteed a good review?
No, you are not. However, if the first reviewer does not like your book it will be sent to a second reviewer (we understand that who likes what books can be very subjective).

How long does it take to get my review?
We will let you know when we receive your book. It will take between 6 to 8 weeks after that to review your book and post it on the IRS website.

Who will see my book on the IRS site?
We are working with bookstores nationwide.

Does IRS guarantee that bookstores will buy my book?
No, we do not.

Who pays the shipping costs?
You pay the shipping to IRS when your book is ordered. We pay the shipping to the bookstore.

Do I get paid when the books are ordered?
No, you don't get paid until your books are sold by the store.

What is the discount?
If the book is taken on consignment — which is the way it works with traditionally published books and retailers — the split is 40% of the retail price to the bookseller, 60% to the author. IRS does not take a cut. If the book is taken via co-op (meaning the store gets $25 per title) the split is 25% of the retail price to the bookseller, 75% to the author.

Can the books be returned by the bookstore?
Yes. IndieReader's Terms to the bookstores specify that they must be kept for 30 days. Following that time period — just as with traditional publishers — books can be returned.

Who pays me? IRS or the bookstore?
One of the reasons we created IRS was to make it easier for bookstores to carry indie titles. And making IRS the central point — for shipping and billing — does that.

Why would indie bookstores want to carry indie titles?
Many reasons, including the fact that many book-lovers are looking for titles that are different and unique. And indie bookstores are looking for something that will differentiate them from the big box stores which don't (yet) carry indie titles.